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Tiny Tiny RSS is a free and open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator
It's also a big data manager to search into your favorite news sites and blogs without surfing each individually.

We all cried when Google decided to close its Reader service in 2013 becouse news feeds in the form of RSS and Atom are the best way to follow news sites, blogs and podcasts without surfing each websites individually. In Twitter, more than short teasers, a shortened URL and another picture do not fit into the tweets, while feeds in the XML formats RSS and Atom can contain entire articles and several pictures.
The feed reader can be a real productivity tool.

Your privacy is our target. To get an account we ask only for email and password.
We don't sell any information about you, but if you like and think it's usefull you can help the project by a simple donation.
If you believe that this project will save you time and money, (domain name, server setup and maintenance, application setup and updates, hardware maintenance, and so on...) then you can also contribute in other ways.
If it's free you are the product. Read more
You can delete your account and data at any time.

If you want use the mobile App, remember to enable API in preferences. Below you can find a list of:

You can see a demo here (login as demo, demo)

Have a good read!

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